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It has been nearly 40 years since Venerable Master Yin Hai came to the West to start the bodhisattva mission of spreading the Bodhi seeds in these United States.

The merit from years of hard work and the support of local devotees and monastics from abroad flourished into this Dharma Seal Temple, one of the first Buddhist temples in California. With the continuing expansion of the temple, and the arrival of many people interested in Buddhism, Venerable Yin Hai and all volunteers, continue to strive to succeed in their mission of the spreading of Buddha Dharma to everyone.

One of Venerable Yin Hai’s wishes was to incense the belief of Buddhism and Eastern culture to the new generation of youth, thus helping Buddhism to take roots and bodhi seeds to spread in America, and enabling Buddhism to grow and develop in the Western culture.

In 2001, the first youth group and summer camp was started with the help of parents, volunteers, teachers and young Buddhist disciples. The course materials used in this camp were designed for this new generation of Buddhists growing up in America, allowing them to feel comfortable and learn practical things about Buddhism and Eastern culture. Since the launch of the camp, the temple started a series of Buddhist activities aimed to integrate culture and daily life.

Venerable Yin Hai said, “Dharma is non discriminating; in the spirit of equality of all sentient beings, we develop creative ways of learning about Buddhism with the consideration of the different cultural upbringing of our youth, and with the hope to benefit and liberate oneself and others.”